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OK…so I’m back to complain…well discuss something I think is very alarming…IMHO.

I’ve been living in Victoria BC for about a year and a half, and in that time I’ve seen several preventable accidents between cars and peddle bikes.

This area is very concious of our enviroment, and many people opt out of driving motor vehicles for biking to work, to school or where ever they need to go, which I think is awsome…however.

The laws here, as they are in many other cities around the world, is that you can not ride your bike on the side walk…no matter what…so you don’t have a choice but to use the streets.

Of course, where there is room, they have added biking lanes…basically two lines on the right hand side of the road, closest the curb that is about three foot wide…which is great…as long as no right turns are being made by motor cars.

Of course this is an island, and many of the roads are only wide enough to fit two cars, passing on opposit sides, which of course does not leave any real room for bikers, thus cars must swing out into the on coming lane to pass said bikers…or hit them.

This area actually has a great biking trail that has been constructed that can actually get you around pretty good….but still a biker must at some point deal with traffic…and or use side streets.

The alarming thing for me is that people ride there bikes in busy traffic on the main roads that are too narrow for a car and bike side by side, and many of them actually do end up getting injured or die doing so…what’s that about.

The scariest part for me is they take there children on those same roads…

Can you imagine a 10 year old riding his or her bike with only a lee way of 1 ft…I mean…kids don’t have the balance for the most part and end up swirving outside of that boundry way more then adults … who do as well.

Well and then there are the ones that are pulling a baby carrier behind them….and the same streets…OMG.

The thing is…that in almost all of these cases…there are alternative routes….but it would take an extra 10 min to use them.

The irony here is that recently the Government laid down a law that has forced 24 hr gas stations to lock there doors at 12 pm, and only serve customers thru a small window…for their saftey…and then they just laid down a law that all shops that sell cigarettes are to cover them up so that seeing them won’t entice people to smoke…(yes this has become a law)…for our safty.

But….they require young children and adults to ride thier bikes on roads that are extremly dangerous…and lives truly are lost.

In any event, it’s bad enough that adults won’t use alternative, safer routes for their own saftey, but to put a child’s life at risk should be illegal….IMHO.


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