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Hello All…

My husband and I really like metal work, wrought iron work etc, especially when someone with a passion and truly artistic ability is behind it.

Well…about a year ago he found this wonderful site and we googled over the work that was being done, especially the fact that all of it was hand forged, no Lazar beams present…LOL.

Anyway…we recently found out that this small family owned company is not doing well…and honestly I think it would be a shame if they could not continue to work their passion.

So if anyone out there has a little energy, love or appreciation for their work, please send some of it out…and if you really like the stuff…maybe add a link to your own blogs etc .

I am a firm believer that when many people send positive supportive energy, whether thru prayer, meditation or by purchasing a piece to Adorne their own home, that that energy will find its way into anothers life, to help support them in many ways.

Anyhow…I do not know this person personally, and they have no idea I am sharing this information.

If nothing else I hope you all enjoy the art!!!





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