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Well as usual, I’ve neglected my blog, and well I suppose I’ve been neglecting my writing in general, not really finding the words these past few months.

Much change has been happening for one, and I suppose that is the bulk of it.

Moving to Victoria, BC Canada has been a major move, and a bit of a culture shock really…and while I was raised in Alberta, the BC thing is a little different, and the cost of living insane.

Chad and I and our two little ones moved in with my mom for a temp solution, and it looks like we will not be able to afford to get a place of our own for a few more months, even with me working again.

I got a job with Trail Appliances, which is a commission position with the average first year around 40,000.00…which in this neck of the woods isn’t much…basic living in fact!!!

Still, Chad is going to start building his play houses and hopefully they will start selling right away, then we can look at getting a house.

It is beatiful here, that is for sure, only being 5 to 10 min away from any number of beach’s, and my creative self is certainly finding a voice again…with such a lush enviroment that surrounds us.

We havn’t gotten a chance to look around up island staying in the Greater Victoria area so far, with gas prices so high and our car that guzzles it so much…LOL…but am looking forward to exploring more as time goes on.

Anyhow, I’m going to try a post a couple of pics of where we are so you can enjoy some of what we see everyday.

Where we live The BeachNice Architecture Chow for Now…Peace



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Great Day w/Kids


Had fun today with the kids, which isnt’ abnormal I suppose, but today we wore each other out pretty good.

Chad went to work for me today, and I took the kids to a one hour class they have once a week in a neighbouring town, so they were excited by that.

We then went back to the store at noon, and spent an hour or so there, the kids always have a blast being at work with mom and dad…and they just love my new partner Janna.

Anyhow…while we were at the store a wonderful couple from Virginia who have a small hobby farm just outside town invited me and kids to go by there place this afternoon to see the new baby goats.

Well…we came home and had a lunch, then off to the farm, where the kids got a chance to play with the dogs, and go into the pen where there were about 20 Goats, some billy goats, not sure what the others are, and they had one donkey in with them…it was very cool.

Christopher was all over the place, beside himself with all the animals…he just loves all of them, although Aurora is a little afraid of Dogs for some reason, in fact wanted to be in with the goats instead of outside the pen with the dog…LOL.

Anyhow…we only stayed a little while, but will take them back when Chad can come…it was a blast.

Then we came home and layed down for a late nap…that was only supposed to be an hour…lol…Chad had to walk home from the store…which isn’t far…but came up and woke us up like two hours later…LOL.

Anyhow…then the kids had movies and snacks with our friend Hope while Chad and I went and watched his eldest dance for her last recital here as she graduates and goes off to College next year…wow…she was fantastic.

Anyhow…that was my day…it was fun, and well spent I thought.

Love Peace Joy Gratitude


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