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Hi All,

Well after 6 years away from working for someone else…I’m working now for an appliance company, which is family owned and oporated.

Now I should mention that they have been expanding, and becoming a Family Corporate company, verses a basic partnership between two brothers.

Over 200 employees, and 8 stores that are around 15,000 sq ft – 30,000 sq ft. showrooms, which is very big!!!

The store I’m in is in the middle of transitioning, from a small mom and pop store, to a trail appliances store, which means that we are not in our 30,000 sq ft showroom yet, but will be within a couple of months…ok…it’s supposed to be ready in a month, but lets face it, when did everything go right on a construction site.

Anyhow…I’ve finished 1 and a half weeks of intense training, with another 4 to go…and even then I’ll not know much really…ok…I’ll have a good base…but it’s going out and helping customers that really teach’s a person the ins and outs of a product.

Although, I’ve found out some stuff that would blow your mind away…well it did ours (I have two other new people with me in the training course)!!!

For an example…did you know that fabric softener is a liquid plastic…this goes for softner sheets as well??

Did you know that it increases man made fiber materials flamibility rating by 90% (our trainer had it happen to him, a spark from his cig, and poof…he was a flame…or his robe was anyhow!!!)

Did you know that laundry detergent is not a soap???

There are so many things that just blew me away…and laundry practices etc that we do that are really bad for our machines and our clothing.

Anyhow, as time goes on, I think I’ll share with who ever wants to know some of the ins and outs of our appliances…it’s actually quite amazing.




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