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Hello Everyone,

I just finished watching this documentary  that truly needs to be watched by everyone IMO.

It is extremly disturbing and will go against many religious belief systems, and make you take a look at what is happening in the world, but especially in the USA and how it relates to the world.

The film starts out around religion, then goes into the 911 issue, then money and control etc etc…and honestly if you are not at least wondering about how our lives are going to be in the future, and wondering how to take back control, I’d be surprised.

I’m not sure everyone will be able to even make it past the first part of the film as it truly goes against all we’ve been taught on a social/religious level, and for many our beliefs will be challenged, and in a manner that is very simple…and provable…but even then I’d challenge you to try and get thru the whole thing.

This is not a film for children, if I were to rate it I’d say 14 up…and then I’d be watching it with an adult if I was a teen.

If nothing else I hope this will get some people thinking, asking questions about what is truly going on in our world, and stop being so compliant with it all.

Anyhow here it is…I hope you will appreciate it by the time it’s done.





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I just watched Click…an Adam Sandler movie…so true to form I might add.

Something that was different with this movie is that he didn’t have his normal cast…and it had a deeper meaning then normal.

I admit it…I actually cried a couple of times during this one…so that was a switch…LOL.

Anyhow…it got me to thinking, and really looking at life, and the decisions we tend to make throughout our lives, what we might be missing etc.

I was truly in tears thinking about my little ones growing up and me missing some of the details along the way…as in so many ways I’d like to be able to be present, both in body and spirit for all of those wonderful moments…the many firsts.

Of course this isn’t possible…but I hope I can keep the thought with me so that when I don’t really feel like playing dolls, or super hero’s because I’m tired…that maybe I’ll do it anyway and enjoy the experience.

Anyhow…it was a good flick…:).

Peace Love Joy and Gratitude


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