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Hello Everyone,

I just finished watching this documentary  that truly needs to be watched by everyone IMO.

It is extremly disturbing and will go against many religious belief systems, and make you take a look at what is happening in the world, but especially in the USA and how it relates to the world.

The film starts out around religion, then goes into the 911 issue, then money and control etc etc…and honestly if you are not at least wondering about how our lives are going to be in the future, and wondering how to take back control, I’d be surprised.

I’m not sure everyone will be able to even make it past the first part of the film as it truly goes against all we’ve been taught on a social/religious level, and for many our beliefs will be challenged, and in a manner that is very simple…and provable…but even then I’d challenge you to try and get thru the whole thing.

This is not a film for children, if I were to rate it I’d say 14 up…and then I’d be watching it with an adult if I was a teen.

If nothing else I hope this will get some people thinking, asking questions about what is truly going on in our world, and stop being so compliant with it all.

Anyhow here it is…I hope you will appreciate it by the time it’s done.





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Well here I am to bitch about another interesting difference between Canada and the USA…and this has to do with Banking Practices.

OK…now I’m talking about Chartered Banks, not Credit Unions, because there is a huge difference between the two…especially in Canada.

My mother has Banked with The Royal Bank for years up here in Canada…in fact I can safely say it has been 20 plus years.

Originally she opened the account in Alberta where we lived for most of my life, but when she came out to the Coast banking became interesting.

First I should mention that the Royal Bank does in-fact consider itself as having an inter branch banking policy, which most do…however putting that into action is harder then you think!!

This is crazy to me actually, but she wrote my husband, who is a USA citizen so does not have a bank account here, a check for 100.00…and when he went into a branch to cash it, they would not because the branch where her account is was not thiers…it is in another province…?

She wrote me a check out of a different bank account that was based somewhere else and again…I could not cash it because for some reason…inter branch banking does not exist unless you fit a certain criteria…in other words…she can go to the branch and take the money out…but not if I go with a check written on the account????

Also…trying to deposit money into her account is insane…they really give you a hard time, if they let you at all…that is put money into someones account…it’s so bizzar.

In the USA an inter branch banking system is just that..you can access your account in all ways from any branch of that particular institution…and they will gladly cash a check written off an account from someone who banks at any of thier branch’s…and they certainly will take cash and place it into someones account if you ask…no matter where the branch is.

What’s more…and this is killer to me…is that when I’ve gone in to cash a check written to me…and I’ve not had too much trouble because I still use the same last name…but they charge ME a fee to cash the check!!!

It’s so backwards up here…and really expensive to have a regular bank account…and that is why I bank at a credit union…they really do have branch to branch banking, and they will let my husband or anyone else deposit money, and as far as I know they don’t charge someone to cash a check!!

Anyhow…just one more thing against or should I say that is a pain about living here…in Canada…although it’s not all bad…



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I’ve recently moved to Canada having spent the past few years in the USA I had forgotten just what the medical experience was like.

I was raised in Alberta, and back in the day when I was a young person, we had excellent health care compared to many countries, but then…the budget was slashed, and slashed and slashed…..so now days…it’s not all it’s chalked up to be.

I watched as my friends elderly parent/grandparent slowly lost hrs of support and in home care services, their much needed oxygen, and many of their prescription drugs.

My own grandfather went thru some of that when he lived with me…it was horrible.

We lost many or most of our world renowned surgeons and specialists, and many many good nurses to the USA because they were not getting the money or the hours they needed here any longer.

Also, having spoken with Dr’s and Nurses as well as physical theoropists that had relocated to the States, they all pretty much said the same thing.

The Canadian healthcare system does not allow for advancement in the area of medicine, in many cases the machinery is outdated so bad, and in the case of the physical theropist, she said when she went up to visit with the people she worked with 15 years before in Toronto, they were still doing things the same way they were then, and not advancing in any direction, while she had been given more education, and kept up to date on the new technics, new equiptment etc etc in the states…and it goes on and on.

Anyhow…this all came up as I had to visit a Dr Yesterday as I needed a perscription for Albuteral (rescue inhaler) for my asthma. I’ve been lazy and not applied for the health care yet, so I had to pay for the visit…58.00 to be exact. Well the price was amazing to me as the most I’d ever paid for a Dr Visit was around 35.00 without insurance in the states.

Well, the Dr came in…a women in her 60’s I’m sure (which is fine), and she sat down, asked what I wanted…I told her I was needing some albuteral for my asthma, and she eyed me like I perhaps was a criminal…LOL…looking for an adrenalin rush to pass the time.

Then she decided I was ok when I told her I only had to use it once or twice a week…and wrote out the perscription…in less then 5 min…no health questions, no health history taken, no concerns or suggestions around my asthma which can be fatal, a very serious ailment really.

OK…so I let that go, but had told her that for 58.00 I was going to ask her some other questions…and when she got up to go to the door…less then 5 minutes after she entered…I stopped her and proceeded to ask her about birth control alternatives…that had nothing to do with latex as I’m allergic…she was annoied.

You know it was almost to the point of her screaming out…why do you even need this…you are middle aged…this should not be a concern…(I guess we aren’t supposed to be having sex after 40?!)

Anyway…she started telling me no to the alternatives, and then walked out with me trailing while she went thru a list of contriceptive devices that were all latex based…in front of the waiting patients!!!

So for 58.00 in Canada…at a walk in clinic…I received approximatly 7 min time of a Dr. who in my opinion didn’t do her job…and got what I went in to get…still I was discusted.

The Pharmasist at the Shoppers Drug mart gave me a once over though…spent almost 10 min questioning me on why I was not using certain asthma medications for prevention, and making darn sure I knew how to use the Albuteral…and I only bought a 22.oo item from him…amazing.

In the USA on the other hand…with no insurance, I never spent less then 15 min with a Dr as he/she made sure they understood my history, and asked probing questions and administered appropriate tests for any ail ment I’d have…and it was cheaper too…sheesh.

Now saying all of that…the USA Healthcare system need some radical changes made to it…but my hope is that once that happens…the Dr’s will remain caring concerned individuals and not end up being lumps that hand out perscriptions with out a health history.

Anyhow…I can go on, but it’s late so I won’t.



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